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How is the brain modified by experience, deprivation and disease?

Our overarching interest is in the question of how experience and deprivation modify synaptic connections in the brain.  Experience-dependent synaptic plasticity is the physical substrate of memory, sculpts connections during postnatal development to determine the capabilities and limitations of brain functions, is responsible for the reorganization of the brain after damage, and is vulnerable in numerous psychiatric and neurological diseases and contributes to their symptoms. [read on...]

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Our research is supported by

The Simons Foundation

National Institutes of Health (NICHD)

National Institutes of Health (NEI)

National Institutes of Health (NIMH)

U.S. Department of Defense (CDMRP)

Picower Institute Innovation Fund

FRAXA Research Foundation

Rett Syndrome Research Trust

Hilibrand Foundation

Marcus Foundation

Inscopix DECODE program