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Michael Sidorov

Graduate student


tel 617-324-7009


Northwestern University - B.A., Biological Sciences, 2007


Osterweil EO, Chuang SC, Chubykin AA*, Sidorov MS*, Bianchi R, Wong RK, and Bear MF (2013).  Lovastatin corrects excess protein synthesis and prevents epileptogenesis in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome. Neuron 77(2): 243-50.

Michalon A*, Sidorov MS*, Ballard TA, Ozmen L, Spooren W, Wettstein J, Jaeschke G, Bear MF, and Lindemann L (2012).  Chronic pharmacological mGlu5 inhibition corrects Fragile X in adult mice.  Neuron 74(1): 49-56.

Hammond RS, Lin L, Sidorov MS, and Hoffman DA (2008).  Protein kinase A mediates activity-dependent Kv4.2 channel trafficking.  Journal of Neuroscience 28(30): 7513-9.