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Pathophysiology of genetically defined developmental brain disorders

Ongoing projects are addressing the following questions:

• What are the molecular mechanisms that couple mGluR5 to protein synthesis, and do these represent novel therapeutic targets for FX?

• What proteins are overexpressed in FX, and how do they contribute to LTD and pathophysiology of the disease?

• Can adult onset treatments reverse damage caused by altered brain development in fragile X?

• Can a “high content” assay of cultured neurons from the Fmr1 KO mouse be used to screen chemical libraries for novel therapeutics?

• Do other single gene disorders characterized by intellectual disability and autism share the same synaptic pathophysiology as fragile X?  Current efforts are focused on the Tsc2+/- mouse model of tuberous sclerosis, and the MeCP2 null model of Rett syndrome.

Sample of relevant recent papers:

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